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1/2" quick response 57/68/79/93/141/182 degree upright fire sprinkler

Certificate: ISO or CCCF
Connecting thread: 1/2"(15mm)
Material: brass, zinc
K-factor: 5.6(80L/min)
Norminal diameter ( mm): DN15
Response: Quick response(3mm glass bulb)
Temprature rate:57/68/79/93/141/182 degree
Working pressure 1.2MPa (12 Bar)
  • 1/2"


  • S-FS-11

  • ISO or CCCF

  • 1/2”

  • Brass or Zinc

  • 5.6(80L/min)

  • DN15

  • 3 mm

  • Quick

  • 57/68/79/93/141/182 degree

  • 1.2MPa (12 Bar)

  • chrome,brass,white

1/2" quick response 57/68/79/93/141/182 degree upright fire sprinkler

1. Brief introduction:

Glass bulb fire sprinklers, which is the key part of automatic sprinkler sytem, can be used to not just detect fire risk but control the fire and extinguish it by automatically spraying water. Since it can meet the requirements of protection from fire risks at degrees, glass bulb sprinklers are generally used in high buildings, hotels, department stores, and warehouses, etc.The environment temperature of working is from 4 ℃ to 70 ℃.
2. Composition and structure:
Made of brass frame, splash, deflector, glass ball, seals, tight set screws.
3. Operating principle:
Spray Sprinklers serve a variety of applications but all operate individually when heat at the sprinkler is high enough to "automatically" operate a calibrated thermal link that opens the sprinkler allowing the pressurized water to spray onto the source of heat. If the first sprinkler cannot control the fire the heat will build and spread to adjacent sprinklers that will operate as needed. Although special situation/applications use sprinkler heads or nozzles that are already open such that water discharges through all the sprinklers at once, the normal "Wet" Pipe system limits the water flow to the area of high heat.
4. Technical parameters:
Sprinklers vary considerably in their water flow characteristic since they are each designed for certain applications, however their basic shapes are limited to Uprights, abbreviated SSU (vertical above pipe, spraying down), Pendants, abbreviated SSP (vertical, below pipe spraying down) and Sidewalls, Horizontal (abbreviated HSW) and Vertical (VSW), both spraying horizontally. 

Technical parameters
Type Nominal diameter(mm) Connecting thread Flow coefficient
Conventional sprinkler
DN15 R1/2 80±4
DN20 R3/4 115±6
Pendent sprinkler
DN15 R1/2 80±4
DN20 R3/4 115±6
Upright sprinkler
DN15 R1/2 80±4
DN20 R3/4 115±6
Sidewall sprinkler
DN15 R1/2 80±4
DN20 R3/4 115±6
Concealed sprinkler
DN15 R1/2 80±4
DN20 R3/4 115±6
Glass bulb technical parameters
Rated operating temperature Max.ambient temperature Glass bulb colour
57℃ 27℃ Orange
68℃ 38℃ Red
79℃ 49℃ Yellow
93℃ 63℃ Green
141℃ 111℃ Blue
182℃ 152℃ Purple
Upright fire sprinkler specification

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