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High speed water mist nozzle

Model Number: ZSTWB
Type: ZSTWB/Centrifugal/High speed
Certificate: ISO or CCCF
Material: Brass
Surface finish: Chromed
Connecting thread: R1/2,R3/4,R1
Working Pressure: 0.35Mpa(3.5 bar)
Flow coefficient: 16L/min,21L/min,27L/min,34L/min, 42L/min, 53L/min, 68L/min
Spraying angle: 90 degree to 120 degree
Use: Fire Protection

  • SINCO or customized

  • S-ZSTWB-01


  • Centrifugal(High speed)

  • Brass

  • Chromed

  • R1/2,R3/4,R1

  • 0.35Mpa(3.5 bar)

  • 16L/min,21L/min,27L/min,34L/min, 42L/min, 53L/min,

  • 90 degree to 120 degree

  • Fire Protection

  • Open spray fire sprinkler system

High speed water mist nozzle
Brief description
Water mist nozzle, as the main part of the water mist system, is commonly used in the industrial places with flammable gas, liquid processing and storage. When acting, the water driven by pressure knocks around, revolves and stirs then ejects tiny water drops, shows good performance of cooling, smothering and electrical insulation.

Main Technical Parameter
Model Flow coefficient(K) Spraying angle Connect thread Type
ZSTWB-16-90 16 90° R1/2  
High speed
ZSTWB-16-120 16 120° R1/2
ZSTWB-21-90 21 90° R1/2
ZSTWB-21-120 21 120° R1/2
ZSTWB-27-90 27 90° R3/4
ZSTWB-27-120 27 120° R3/4
ZSTWB-34-90 34 90° R3/4
ZSTWB-34-120 34 120° R3/4
ZSTWB-42-90 42 90° R3/4
ZSTWB-42-120 42 120° R3/4
ZSTWB-53-90 53 90° R1
ZSTWB-53-120 53 120° R1
ZSTWB-68-90 68 90° R1
ZSTWB-68-120 68 120° R1

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